Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the Global HR Summit & Exhibition 2021 was finalized with great success. Hosting 137 keynote speakers, 73 sessions, over 5.500 participants from 34 countries over six continents, and an international exhibition on five halls, the Global HR Summit & Exhibition 2021 welcomed “Parade of Stars.” We also completed Global HR Summit & Exhibition 2022, hosting 160 keynote speakers, 90 sessions with over 15.000+ participants from 50+ countries over six continents, and an international exhibition on six halls.

With its content and hot topics, the summit became a central point of attraction for Human Resources professionals from Turkey and worldwide. It proved to be an unprecedented global event and a global brand.

Thank you for your participation, support, and confidence in our event on behalf of K.R.E.A. M.I.C.E., K.R.E.A. Digital, and KREA HR Services, organizers of the event, and our Advisory Board.

Knowledge spread when shared. We hope you found our speakers’ content, presentations, and experiences invaluable for yourself and your business, and this content and vision escalate among the business world and help us shape the future.

We are ready for Global HR Summit 2023. Our theme is “Sustainable Future”. You are also cordially invited to join our next summit on June 08-09, 2023, at Raffles İstanbul physically this time. In addition, we will continue to provide our inspiring content through our digital platform, and we will be pleased to have you among us again.

Yours sincerely,

Seda Mızraklı Ferik
Summit Chair



Through the visions of internationally successful leaders, we will explore the Future of Business Life. We will change your perspective with inspiration from idea leaders.

The Future and Digital

The future is now…
But what will the future of the business world be like? We’ll speak with business leaders, futurists, economists, and academics to see how to construct business and business life in the future. What will the legal system be like in the future of business life? Please do not miss our AI sessions!

Employee Engagement, Corporate Culture, and Employer Brand

How do we ensure an “emotional connection” over a “remote connection”? We’ll share examples of successful practices that measure the impact of employee commitment on productivity growth during this period.

Sustainability and Corporate Wellbeing

The Corporate Wellbeing Initiative is one of the areas that today's Human Resources managers are most interested in. This course will bring the leading names in this field together to elaborate on spiritual, physical, purposeful, and institutional wellbeing.