Dear All,
As we all know, the only constant in the world is change itself. It's an unchanging truth that the success indices of companies that embrace the winds of change together rise rapidly.

Leading change involves encouraging, inspiring, developing, and sustaining the adaptability to change of the "psychological capital," which is the most important driving force of organizations today, i.e., the "people" who make the difference.

Smiling, compassionate, inclusive leaders nurture open communication within the company, providing opportunities for creativity and development.

In the ever-changing economic, social, and political conditions, considering the flexible working conditions and the psychology of employees, the role of leaders in leading teams to adapt to these changes becomes even more crucial.

Every employee who is “genuinely” committed to their company contributes significantly to its productivity increase and employer brand. Therefore, an understanding of compassionate leadership will trigger positive development in a fast-changing environment and will have a positive impact on business outcomes as well.

At the Global HR Summit 2024, as Human Resources professionals and leaders, we will examine the new concepts, opportunities, and threats awaiting us in the near future of the working life with examples.

From a sustainability perspective, as responsible individuals and employees representing the Human Resources sector, what can we contribute to society, our company, and the world in the short term? How can we increase our individual impact in the workplace by embracing change and quickly adapting to the new world order? What strategies can we use to develop future-focused leadership skills? From which examples can we draw inspiration and immediately implement in our company?

The theme of this year's Global HR Summit 2024 is: Lead Change. With the guidance of our esteemed speakers at the summit, we will discuss and shape the future of business life together from the axis of leadership and change. We invite you to the Global HR Summit 2024 to discuss an inspiring future.

Warm Regards,

Seda Mızraklı Ferik
Summit Chair



Through the visions of internationally successful leaders, we will explore the Future of Business Life. We will change your perspective with inspiration from idea leaders.

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